25 April 2013

And now for a real keyboard ...

My old keyboard died and its (long pondered over) replacement arrived today a "Zowie Celeritas" that makes use of mechanical Cherry MX Brown switches. So far so good, it has an awesome feel for typing - once you realize you don't have to push the key all the way down :-)

Other than a small compatibility issue with VirtualBox's USB ghosting I'm sold on mechanical switches. The only problem is that that at work I have a (comparatively) spongy, sticky rubber dome keyboard that is on its way to be replaced ... :-)

Update: a while ago I couldn't take the generic work keyboard anymore and bought a Das Professional model S (silent) also using Cherry MX Browns. This is another amazing keyboard, no more finger strain and I can now create typo's and other gibberish at high speed. I would say the Das is probably my preferred keyboard for typing with the Zowie good for more general use (e.g. Starcraft)

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